Rocks, Rocks and more Rocks!!

It all started a little over a year ago and began with removal of the existing rocks that enveloped the backyard. It took over a month to take about 15 yards of road base/crushed rocks from the yard to the driveway. It was hard, but a little at a time, day after day and I got it done. Thankfully there were plenty of people from a Facebook ad to come and haul it away.
Over the last year, I've built retaining walls, had a patio poured, a mow strip installed, moved and leveled tons and tons of dirt, installed gazebos, rolled out sod, planted trees and roses and now have put rocks BACK in the yard. This time though, the rocks are natural river rock. Certainly an upgrade over the what was here.

First thing that I needed to do was pick out which rocks would go in to replace the old ones. I decided on rocks rather than bark since it would be permanent and not have to be replaced, ever! 

I went to the landscape supply and decided on river rock. I really like the 1-2" rock, but decided on the smaller rock since it would be easier to move and deal with in the long run, even though I really like the look of the larger one. 

The first delivery of 8 yards of many, many more to come. 

I had the driver lay the rocks down in a long row so they would not run into the street too much. I have no idea how long it will take for me to move 8 yards - one wheelbarrow at a time...
Since this delivery, I've learned that it takes me about an hour to move 1 yard. 

I enlisted some help. Well, I had to pay him with money towards a new Xbox One, but he still helped. 
Not something I can get him to do very often. I don't ask for help too often, or as often as I should, but I really want to tackle this yard project as much as I can. And I really don't want to wear everyone out helping with my project. It was my idea and I've got to see it through. And I'm also on a budget and my labor is well, free... 

And so it begins. The weed cloth is in and the rocks begin!

A little more and a little more!

I put in the first 8 yards and they were like this. Lovely rocks. Very clean and uniform in size. 

I then had the second 8 yards delivered. I was not as happy with this load. There was a lot of smaller rocks in this load and I let the landscape supply company know I wasn't super happy with it. They will work out something with me on the next load, since unfortunately I will need more than 16 to get this all done. 

But 16 yards is in!! It's covered the main areas and most of the drip lines so they will be out of the weather. 

I'm super happy with how it's all turning out. 
I'm happy to take a break now and work on the front yard. Once I get a few more trees planted, I'll order the remaining 10-12 and it will be complete! 

And just for a little perspective of where this all started from, here is the "before" picture of my yard....
It's changed just a little bit.... all for the better.