**SOLD** Little Guy five wide Teardrop Trailer - FOR SALE $7,750 - Meet Ruby **SOLD**

Ruby Ritz Teardrop
Little Guy (girl) Five Wide
$7,750 OBO

A super trailer! Light and compact with many upgraded features.

For those that are interested, we documented all of the upgrades,
which are towards the bottom of the post.

Features and Improvements made:
2006 Little Guy Five Wide
5x8 with queen bed
Fully insulated floor, walls and ceiling.
New birch lined interior walls and ceiling.
Wired interior lights, charging plugs and USB outlets
Wired and installed new MaxxAir Reversible Fan
1100 watt Krieger Inverter
Renogy 50 watt Solar Panel with Charge Controller
Duracell 12 volt Marine Deep Cycle Battery
Utility shelf under interior cabinets
Interior Cabinet RGB lighting
Bedside lights
Exterior lights under doors
Galley lighting
New kitchen shelving and folding counter top
Outside detachable table
New tires


This teardrop trailer is only 900 pounds. Easier to tow than even a scamp, trillium or Jayco. You'll love the freedom to go just about anywhere with your little guy trailer!

Approximate dimensions:
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs) 900
Exterior Length (overall) 12'
Exterior Width (Fender to Fender) 78"
Exterior Height 68"
Interior Height 42"
Interior Width 58.5"
Interior Floor Length 96"


Here's how Ruby looks today:

Interior cabinet with added utility shelf, usb and 12v DC charger, plexiglass panels and RGB lighting inside cabinet.

USB and 12V charging

Interior lights and utility hooks

Bedside lights.

 Brand new Maxx Air Reversible Fan

 Brand new folding foam mattress

Kitchen/Galley shelving with fold-out extended counter top. (Inverter mounted to the left)

Comes complete with camp stove and storage bins. 

Duracell 12 volt Marine Deep Cycle Battery and solar charge controller. All located inside front bin. 

Exterior light bar located under each doorway (remote controlled)

Renogy 50 watt Solar Panel 

At night. Lights under the door, interior lights and galley lighting. 

On a recent outing. It's like glamping whenever Ruby is around... 


When we purchased her. We went on a quick weekend away, then came home and removed everything from the floor to the ceiling to start to customize and upgrade everything. Here is the entire process start to finish. 

The corner with some water damage. We found the source of the leak, repaired it, dried it out and now it's good to go. 

We had to drop down the cabinets to remove the ceiling paneling. 

Bare ceiling and old fan.

Now with Ruby stripped down, we could see what we were working with.  Everything looked pretty sound and we began planning on lighting fixture locations and wiring runs.

We removed the old standard vent and ordered a Maxxair 12v fan vent to replace it.

We added stringers and new floor insulation.

And reflectix. 

New floor. She's fully insulation underneath. 

Removed the old side marker wiring and pulled new wire for the bedside light fixtures to be installed.

Repairing the water damage from leaking taillights (a common problem with teardrops)

Wiring run to back lights and rubberized sealant applied to rear panel to improve water proofing. 

Foam insulation going in the ceiling and front walls, then covering it with reflectix. 

Fully insulated interior. No more feeling like we are sleeping inside a soda can. 

Fully insulated and the pretty new Maxx Air Fan!

The rear of the trailer and the subfloor. The kitchen will be built over the top of this soon. 

New birch interior panels going in. Wiring pulled for the bedside lights. 

Ceiling panels going in. Will secure them and trim the fan. 

Cabinets going back in. 

The wiring behind the cabinets for all of the USB ports, lights switches and fan. 

New interior bedside lights!

Tried to keep the wiring as simple and serviceable as possible. Installed a fuse panel inside the center cabinet and will build a box enclosure for it.  Still testing all the wiring. All tests turned out A-OK!

Carpet on top of the subfloor. This is really starting to tie it all together. 
The carpet makes it feel very warm and cozy inside. 

Looking down towards the foot of the trailer. 

Lower shelf under the cabinets. Complete with USB ports and RGB mood lighting in the cabinets!

Built out the rear galley with a kitchen table top. To get around the rear hatch latch problem we extended the counter to flip out using flush mount deck hinges. 1100 watt inverter and new galley light installed. Just need to add some shelves and trim.

Kitchen shelves and table top folded in for transport. 

Perfect place to store the camp stove. 

Our Ruby Teardrop renovation is complete!