Barn door - Beacon of light, no more!

It's been more than 3 years in the making... Since I purchased this house, I've often wondered how it's gone this many years without someone doing something to cover the large master bathroom doorway. 
It allows huge amount of light into the bedroom and if someone is trying to sleep while the other is getting ready, well, you're not getting any sleep because of all of the light, shower, noise. etc. 
This is how it looks when the sun comes up in the morning if you'd like to take a nap. 
It's like a beacon of light. 
I spent some time looking through pinterest and sending ideas to Chris.   There are many different styles of what would seem a simple door. An "X" or a "Z" or paneling or 4 panel, 6 panel or none! The options are endless. 

He then took those ideas and sent mockups of them.

After looking at all of the options, we both came to agree on a 3 panel door.

And then this happened...
Chris had the day off for a President Holiday and while I was at work, this happened! Looks just like the design! I'm so impressed. I feel so lucky to have such a handy man in my life.

It's been snowing and raining, so the garage is freezing cold! We brought the door inside so we could allow it to warm to room temperature and paint it. 

Installing a header board for the track. 
Need to bring the door out from the wall to allow room for the molding. This will allow alleviate the need for huge drywalls screws as the studs do not match up with the holes in the track. 

Header installed. Chris was able to hang from it. I think it's strong enough to hold the door...

Header painted and installing the track. Wait... Are you standing on the dresser? At one point he was totally standing on it. He always says he hard on stuff and breaks things. No idea why...  :-) 

Header installed and painted and track installed. And the dresser survived... 

Used a router to make a hole for the interior pull handle. 

Painting has begun! Can't wait to flip it over and paint the front.  

Painting the front. Took 3 coats to cover it and it's turning out awesome! 
Chris is antsy to install it. I'm having to fight him off from installing the brackets so they don't stick to the new paint. Waiting and waiting for paint to dry....

Love the handle. Found this little gem on eBay. 
It's actually not little at all. 9.5" tall. It's a huge door and needed a substantial handle. 
This was perfect. 

And here it is! The door is installed! Love it! It's exactly what the space needed. 
We had to make some adjustments for all the molding that was already in place, but it was either change how the door hangs or remove some molding and I didn't want to do that. 

Now when you wake up in the morning, this is all you see!! 
Sleeping in is going to happen! 

Because of all of the molding, there will still be a halo of light, but what a huge difference! 

 The door is beautiful and exactly what the space needed. 
Thanks babe.