Office Christmas Party 2018

Office Christmas Party 2018
Sienna Restaurant, El Dorado Hills, CA 
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Straw and staff

Our little gathering before the gathering   :-)

Dr. Straw reading our evening agenda...

Trish, Tai and Diane

Kim and Marcia

Charene and Cecilia

Chelsea and Cecily

Cecily opening her Origami Owl Secret Santa gift from Diane. 

Suzanne and Charene

Karen and Jason Straw

Hmmm, what will she choose?

Amazon echo, yes!

It's my turn. What should I choose... 
Amazon echo, yes please! Then it was taken...

Not so fast! Diane has it now!

Cecily chose a basket of baking and Chelsea is opening her gift. 

Oh, the coveted hairdryer. Trish had it, then Tai kept it!

Kate Spade purse, for now...
It soon became Cecilia's. 

Kim opening another gift. She's lost several. 

Apple AirPods! Nope. Taken. 

Nordstrom gift card. Nope, taken. 
haha. This is a fun game. We had a great time opening, stealing and sharing the generous gifts from Karen and Dr. Straw. 

Honoring Marcia for her many years of service and dedication.