SAR snowshoe hike to Lake Winnemucca

Lake Winnemucca snowshoe hike
Carson Pass
El Dorado National Forest
Lake Elevation 9,004 ft
SAR Winter snowshoe hike with SKED training to Lake Winnemucca.
6.5 miles roundtrip with a loop near Woods Lake. 

We donned our snowshoes and headed out from the sno-park. 

Gorgeous day. For parts of the trails, we had tracks to follow. In areas like this, we had to break trail. 

Lake Winnemucca frozen over for the winter. 

Round Top

What elevation does to a package of nuts. It feels like it's about to pop!

Our practice rescue using the SKED.

We have been breaking trail to make our way to Woods Lake. We are headed down towards the 
Wilderness sign. Best way to go, straight there. 

The whole group!