Madrid Spain - Celebrating 50 years

Madrid Spain
It's been a dream for most of my adult life to travel to Europe and specifically to travel to Spain. Chris made that dream a reality for my 50th birthday celebration. It's hard to even believe we were actually in this place I've wanted to visit for so long. With that being said, it's very hard to narrow down the pictures because I don't want to omit any of them.
Our first few days consisted of just getting there, finding our way around, finding something to eat and walking around the entire city. After walking so much of the city, I really feel like we saw a lot of it. We also took in several flamenco performances, ate and ate and ate. 
During our week in Spain, we visited Madrid for several days, then took a train and traveled to Seville for a couple more days before heading home. I've divided the post into two parts so they aren't so long. You can see the Seville post HERE. 

Airport bound! We are flying out of SFO, a 2.5 hour drive from home. 

We've made it to the airport and it really feels like the journey to Spain has begun!

Taking in a little food and beverages before boarding. 

First leg of the journey. A 9.5 hour flight to Amsterdam. 

I feel like we ate and then ate even more on the plane. They were either giving us drinks or food every couple of hours. Helped the time go by. Although, I spent most of my time binge watching The Handmaid's Tale on my iPad. 

My first time making this journey across the pond. 

Amsterdam airport. Walking escalator galore. 

More of the airport. 

Cool ATC tower. 

Nothing like a lounge area and bean bags for a quick nap during our layover. 

Chris decided a massage sounded pretty good right about now. 

We are boarding our plane to Spain! Woohoo!

Madrid Spain airport

We are here!!!

A sign... Lots of smoking everywhere. 

We took a taxi to our hotel in downtown Madrid. The Iberostar. 

A cute room. It's quaint and has everything we need. Once we figured out how to turn on the lights, we were good to go!  (key card is needed for lights... noted)

Cute european bathroom. Huge tub! 

The view from our room. 

And * marks the spot of our hotel. 

The interior stairwell. Very pretty. 

We walked for a minute to find some food and found ourselves at a local restaurant with a glass of sangria in our hands! We are definitely in Spain. Sangria is plentiful... and yummy!

At the train station waiting to meet up with Paloma, our airbnb excursion host for the afternoon. 

The crazy Happy Birthday Hat from the store across from our hotel. 
Happy Birthday to me!!