He asked and she said YES!!

Chanelle and Mark were celebrating their anniversary by having dinner in Sacramento. They were then supposed to go to the lookout on Hollow Oak Drive in El Dorado Hills. This area by the mailboxes is a perfect place to watch the sunset and look at the lights of Sacramento. They visited this often while dating and it's where they fell in love. A fitting place for a surprise! 

Mark had it all planned. He said that as they were driving up Bass Lake Road, he could see the lights. He had friends put out candles going all the way up the hill and a large heart by the mailboxes, his intended place to pop the question! 

Chanelle thought it was strange that someone was taking pictures of them, but didn't think much about it. People do strange things all the time. Until she turned around and Mark was on one knee...

He asked and she said YES!  

So glad that he planned so well and they have pictures to remember this magical day. 
Well done Mark!

The happy engaged couple! 

Now the strange people taking pictures all makes sense! 

They came by to visit and show off her ring. 
So happy for this lovely couple. They seem to be so well suited for each other. 


The view of the magical place during the daylight. 
I went by the next day to pick up a few rose petals.