Summer Vacation 2018 Day 3 thru 5 - Cheyenne, Fort Collins and Denver

Day 3 
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Fort Collins, Colorado

We left North Platte before noon on our way to Cheyenne Wyoming for just dip our toes in the state to say we've been to Wyoming! 

Once again the drive was flat. 

But it was very pretty. Looked like a post card. 

Wish we had some of these in California. But they may need to fix the freeways a little bit more to accommodate those speeds. 

After 2.5 hours, we are in Wyoming! 

Trains are a central focus of this area too. 

We loved all the buildings as soon as we drove into town. 

We turned to Yelp for a lunch recommendation and Accomplice looked like a wise choice. It's located in this old train station building.

We aren't hear for the battle, but the vibe in here is cool. 

The self serve beer wall. 

Can't see through these windows in the pic, but the train tracks are right behind the building. Trains are passing by as we eat lunch. 

And eat lunch we did. Michael devoured that pizza! The salad was great too and I even had to eat some of that amazing bread. Paleo what? Oops. 

While sitting at lunch, we were discussing things we could do while in Wyoming. Micheal found out that the train Big Boy 4004 is here in Cheyenne! What are the chances of that? 
Big Boy is a train that he even had on his shirts as a kid. We spent so much time at train museums and  displays and he always loved that train. We are beyond excited that it is so close by. It was so close that we thought we would just walk there from lunch. Hard to tell from these pics, but we turned around after we got a few blocks away from town. My spidey senses were telling me that this area wasn't so cool. I try to listen to my gut on those types of things, especially when traveling. 
So, we turned around and headed to walk around downtown a little more before getting the car. 

I snapped pics as we walked around downtown. 

We picked up the car and headed towards Holliday Park. 

Big Boy 4004!! 
4000-class 4-8-8-4 locomotive, popularly named Big Boy, is an articulated steam locomotive manufactured between 1941 and 1944 and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad in revenue service until 1959.  This train is about to undergo an overhaul and restoration. They had just washed it down, but allowed us a few minutes to take some pictures. 

This is going to conclude our tour of Cheyenne Wyoming. We both felt is was a very pretty city and we are so glad we got to see this train in person. Now off to Fort Collins Colorado! 

It's been a 3 state day! Woke up in Nebraska, went to Wyoming for the day and now we are in Colorado. Whew! 

We rolled into Fort Collins in the early evening. We are pretty tired and looking forward to a relaxing evening. 

After a quick bite to eat, we decided to see Ant Man at the local theatre. 

It was a great movie!

I woke up the next morning rested and ready for the day! Went out for a nice long run to start.

The one thing I forgot, is that I was running at almost 5,000 ft. 
Heavy breathing to follow... 

This is a college town with huge bike lanes and nice wide streets. 

I ran through neighborhoods and all around town. 

Saw this little guy on my run. He wasn't bothered by me at all...

Once I finished my run, we packed up and headed out for the day. We are going to walk all through Fort Collins and spend the day making our way back to Denver. 

This is a cool town. They really cater towards an active lifestyle and there are places to park your bike everywhere. 

The pig. He is blind apparently.   ;-)

There are quite a few pieces of art displayed all over downtown. 

One more pic with the pig...

I feel like we are making our way through a pub tour, but really it's all about the trains. We just like the vibe in the breweries and the food. We stopped here to buy shirts. 

And who could go traveling without visiting a local Costco!! 
I stopped in to buy another pair of shorts. 

Where are we headed? Back towards Denver. We can see mountains again! 

The drive from Fort Collins to Denver is a little over an hour. I have a childhood friend who lives in Louisville which is right on the way. We decided to stop at her pub for lunch. Yes, one more brewery on the tour!

This is Growler USA, Louisville, Colorado

Lenore and I have been friends since 5th grade!

With 100 beers on tap, the tap room is huge! 

Every pub needs a keg urinal. 

We got back to Denver in a torrential downpour! 
Crazy weather. You'd think we were in Texas. 


The next morning, we made our way into the downtown area to catch the bus!! 
No way was Michael going to walk 30 minutes again to the bus with the luggage. 

Outside the train station. 

On our way home. I really enjoy these trips that we do together. I get to spend some quality time away from home with this kid. I get to know him more and more as we travel around the US. 
Where will next summer take us?