Summer Vacation 2018 Day 1 of 5 - Denver

Summer Vacation 2018
Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming

Bright and early we are on our way! 6am flight to Denver. 

It didn't take long before this kid was knocked out. 

Flying over the Rockies

Took a train from the airport to downtown. We thought we would just walk to the hotel from here. 

We thought it was close... 

And we walked, and walked...

Getting closer to our hotel as we walked through the downtown area of Denver. 
Once we got here, we found out that there were free buses from the train station. Oops
Michael didn't enjoy the 30 minute walk with suitcases, in the heat. 
We checked into our hotel Homewood Suites and headed out for some food. 

We walked downtown and right into this Mexican Restaurant. 

The food was amazing! YUM!

Michael headed into the hotel to rest for a bit and I headed out to walk off that huge lunch! 

Walking around the city center. 

Capitol building

The view from our hotel room. 

While we were on the train from the airport, I just happened to google events for July 4th. There was a baseball game at Coors Field. And who are the Rockies playing?? The San Francisco Giants!!! Score!! 

We had great seats, right behind home plate. 

During the game, the skies turned a bit gray. 

And then the delay of game... Lighting and RAIN! 
It poured rain for a few minutes...

But before long, they were playing again. 

Enjoying a stadium dog! YUM!

A packed house. 

This crowd participated in one of the best waves I've seen in a long time. It seemed to go on for 30 minutes. 

After the game, we are all waiting for Fireworks

One of the best fireworks shows we've seen in a long time. 
What a great way to kick off our vacation! 
We are picking up a car and heading towards Nebraska tomorrow.