Michael's 14th Birthday - Heyday Cafe, Placerville

Michael's 14th Birthday
Heyday Cafe - his favorite place
Placerville, CA 

This is his signature look...

I saw someone wearing this at a concert, it had Michael written all over it. 
Had to get him one...

And now he's unwrapping the best gift ever for a teenager...

A cordless razor! He didn't find it quite as funny as I did, but I'm sure it will get some use at some point in the future. He's starting to grow facial hair...

His favorite thing to get at Heyday is the cheese pizza. It's delish!

I always get the Butternut squash salad. YUM!!

The dessert and candle are just for celebratory purposes, he never eats desserts at the restaurant. His Dad ended up taking care of this for him. 

Make a wish, and blow!!
Happy 14th Birthday kiddo!