Front Yard Retaining Wall

Front Yard Retaining Wall
Well, I thought I was forever done building retaining walls with the 180' I did in the backyard. Michael said that I needed to make the front yard great again too! haha
I had this small area with a slope that I wanted to tidy up a bit before I finish the front yard remodel and it looked like I was going to have a build more! ugh. 

It's been raining, so the ground is relatively soft. This is how it looked "before". The slope isn't bad, but could look better. 

So, I dug a trench, compacted some road base and started setting some blocks. Just a few at a time. I'm in no hurry. 

It's a small area, so no french drain, not much to do other than rocks and blocks. I ended up making 3 more trips to Home Depot for blocks. 

I found these Camellia's at Costco. They are large plants at a fraction of the cost of a much smaller plant at the nursery or even home depot. These are a large variety, can grow to 25'. Look forward to some blooms next year! 

It took me a couple of more weeks, but I got the blocks set, the wall backfilled, Camellias planted as well as the nectarine tree. Everything looks happy. I had some extra dirt, so I mounded the area in front on each side of the walk to add some texture. Looks much better. Almost ready for the final stage, rocks! 

For reference, this is what this area looked like last year. Before I ripped it all out. Quite a big difference. 

So, I made the front yard great again with another small wall. Now I'm really done doing retaining walls. No more, ever!!