Watching the Garden Grow

Watching the garden grow

It's been a long road getting all of my yard projects done so that I can focus on planting a garden. Between the patio, rock removal, building retaining walls, installing the lawn, trees, fencing, etc. The last 18 months have certainly provided enough "yard fit" to last a lifetime. Thankfully, I'm almost done! Had the last 3 yards of organic garden soil delivered to fill the raised garden boxes I built and finish out the backfill of the retaining walls.

This section has the peach tree, artichokes and bell peppers down on the end. I reserved the area around the tree for Peony flowers, a couple of azaleas and some other flowers. 

The backyard pano. It's really come together in the last few months. I'm almost done with the renovation!

I built these boxes last winter and was finally able to get them filled with organic soil. I have a black fig and bacon avocado tree in each one. I've also planted strawberries, onions and a bunch of various squash and watermelon plants. Still need to finish the rest of the rocks around this area and irrigation in the boxes. 

Here a few pics of the first signs of veggies and fruit!

Baby tomatoes



Honeycrisp apple. The one and ONLY on the tree. It's new, so I'm excited to have this one. I hope the birds leave it alone so I get to actually eat it. 

Red Bell Peppers

Asian Pear. This tree is from my old house. The new owners didn't want it, so they gave it to me. I'd had it planted in a barrel and it's about 8 years old. It's loaded. I guess it likes it's new home. 

Baby artichokes! It's about 1.5 inches across. First time ever growing an artichoke. We will see how it goes. 

Yellow squash. The place I selected for this plant doesn't get quite enough sun. These leaves are a bit yellow. May have to move it or try a different location next year. 

Peaches, peaches and more peaches. This is a new tree, but it completely loaded!

A look down herb row. Cilantro, Rosemary, Thyme, Fennel, basil, etc. Have a bunch of things. This gets a little sun and a little shade. They seem to be happy here. 

In the front yard, I planted a Nectarine tree. It's loaded this year. So happy to get see all of this fruit! 

And there it is. The garden so far. It's middle of May, so plenty of growing time left this year. Will see how it goes!