Chris's Birthday Weekend 2018

Happy Birthday to this Guy! 
April 28th got a bit highjacked when a co-worker of mine asked if I would do the cupcakes for her daughters wedding in Tahoe. I felt bad saying no to the cupcakes. And I felt bad taking over the birthday weekend with cupcakes. What to do? I asked Chris and of course he said he was fine with it, we would just make a Tahoe weekend out of it and do some adventuring. 

The Venue was very pretty. They had the entire place rented out for the wedding. The cupcakes were being showcased in this area. They bought a small layered cake for the bride and groom to cut and all the guests would be served cupcakes. 12 dozen. Half red velvet and the other 6 dozen triple salted caramel. 

Getting them all set out. 

Trish had decorated all the tables and made these centerpieces. They were very rustic and pretty. Perfect for a Tahoe wedding. 

The bride taking pics before the wedding. We quickly delivered cupcakes, said hello to everyone and scooted out so they could get on with the fun!

Now back to the birthday! 
We stopped at Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co. for a little lunch and some birthday gifts! 

I enjoy giving one gift, full of other gifts. This time all of the little gifts inside didn't have a theme, so I had to come up with a little poem of sorts to make it all fit together. Each line had a corresponding item. These became the "Things I want you to know" poem. 
I want you to be able to "hear" me as I tell you I love you (Apple AirPods), etc. 
There were iPods, a can opener, a leather bracelet, Oakley Sunglasses and a Silicone ring. 
I love giving gifts. He seemed to like them all. ;-) 

After lunch we made our way over to Squaw Village where we would stay tonight. 

I made reservations for dinner at  River Ranch Lodge in Tahoe City. 
(gosh, I look drunk here, but I hadn't even had a glass of wine yet...)

Yummy menu!

With a beautiful view. 

Happy Boy with his bottle of 2012 Silver Oak Cab.

Make a wish...

And blow!! May all your wishes come true. 

The next morning we were going to set out and do some adventuring. That was until it started to snow. And I also found a wine fridge in Petaluma that was brand new and if I came right then to pick it up I could get it for a steal of a price! We are on our way! It's a 3.5 hour drive though. BUMMER
What a sport Chris was this weekend. I totally hijacked the whole thing. I felt horribly bad. Will definitely be making this one up to him. 

This was on the menu in the hotel. That french toast sounded amazing. I'm parking this hear so I remember to make it sometime. 

Quick breakfast stop, then off to Napa!

And now I have a new fridge for my wine! 
As always it was a great weekend, but way too much driving.