Tahoe weekend with the girls

South Lake Tahoe Girls Weekend

It's been quite some time since us girls have all gotten together for some mother/daughter time. My mom has been wanting to get us together, so we finally chose a date that worked for everyone and started working on plans to make it all happen. First order of business: where to go? 
Santa Cruz? San Francisco? Napa? Tahoe?

So many choices... 

Most of us are on a budget and on this particular weekend before Halloween, many places were sold out or were very expensive. We were priced out of Napa and San Francisco and Santa Cruz seemed too far for those coming from Chico, so we decided on Tahoe. 

Now the next problem... Where to stay?  

There were several Halloween parties going on at nearby casinos/hotels, so rooms were scarce. Chris was nice enough to find us a timeshare at the Tahoe Seasons Resort and booked rooms that would accommodate all of us!  

We arrived at the Resort by about 5pm. After a little shuffling around during check in with transferring the reservation from Chris' name to mine, we were able to check in and get settled into our rooms. We ended up having two adjoining rooms that then allowed us to have two bedrooms, two fold out sofa beds, two kitchenettes, two bathrooms, etc.  Accommodations were perfect! 

Living room and a view of the HUGE tub/shower. This was a really odd setup, but worked well.

My camera didn't focus, but this tub is HUGE. I think 4 people could fit in it. Of course, I had to make good use of it on the first night! Nothing like a hot bath before bed, especially when I'm not paying for all the water! 

The beds were cozy and one of the rooms had a nice gas fireplace. 

Our room even came with one of these.... When is the last time you saw a VCR?  

We got our items put away and dinner quickly became the next thing on the agenda. While helping to bring in our luggage, our Bellman Steve was very forthcoming with recommendations for restaurants. One of the recommended places was Artemis. After checking with Yelp, it appeared to be a highly recommended Greek restaurant and had enough items to suit us all. 

Located right on the waterfront and had great patio seating. As the sun was setting, the chill was setting in, so we opted for an indoor table. 

This appetizer platter was delicious! Especially the sun dried tomato hummus. YUM!
We ate salads and soup and had delicious food. We were all stuffed and headed back to our room. 
After a hot bath and some time socializing, we were all super tired and decided to call it a night early. 

The next morning, Lynette and I found the fitness center and made good use of it. It's simple, but has all the necessities for a good workout before the Tahoe Food Tour continues. 

Breakfast was at the Red Hut Cafe. 

It's a tiny little cafe with a 70's diner feel. 

The menu offers typical diner food and we all left full, but the food was just "ok". 
We took our food coma back to the resort for a while, rested and talked for a while. Then decided to make our way to Heavenly Village to ride the gondola and take in the Magic Show at the Loft. 

Well, the Gondola was closed.... Won't reopen for a couple more weeks, so we won't be riding it today.     :-( 

It's been a few hours since breakfast and we all wanted something small to snack. We chose the Gunbarrel Tavern for appetizers. 

It's so hard to get a picture of Lynette, she typically has her eyes closed. So, I was glad to grab this pic of her using my new portrait mode on my iPhone 8. 

Sisters.   :-) 

House made nachos with Racer 5 cheese sauce and fresh fried tortillas chips. 
Sweet Potato Fries with Truffle dip and a Jalapeño ketchup. YUM! 

We had some time to kill, so we did a little shopping around the village. The goal was to find a shirt or two and possibly a Christmas Ornament. Success!! Everyone got what they were looking for. 

And this useful little item.... 

We made our way through the village over to The Loft. 

The food was amazing. The menu was italian inspired and had something for everyone. 
Sliced steak with a gorgonzola sauce, Chicken marsala, Chicken pesto, Butternut squash tortelloni, Wild Boar Cannelloni. YUM!! Everyone was about to fall over in another food coma, but it was time for Magic Fusion!! We made our way into the theatre for the show. 

The opening magician was very funny. He performed some interesting rope tricks for the crowd. He interacted very well with everyone. It was all very entertaining. 

The main act was performed by Chipper Lowell. 
With an unusual blend of stand-up, improvisation, and twisted visual magic, Chipper has twice been honored with the Merlin award for “Comedy Magician of the Year!” by the International Magicians Society.  He was also named as one of the “Top Funniest Magicians” performing today by Magic Magazine and received “Specialty Act of the Year!” from the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He has also been recently appearing on Masters of Illusion show on TV. 

He was very funny and had quite a few "volunteers" from the audience. 
Pictures aren't really allowed, so I had to sneak a couple. 

We all went back to the resort with our cheeks aching from laughing so much. Always a great time when you laugh so hard you hurt. We all enjoyed the show. 

After another gym workout, we consulted Yelp. Driftwood Cafe typically comes up first on the list for breakfast, but the lines are always very long. We came across this restaurant that was also very highly rated and decided to check it out. 

We are so glad we did!! The menu on the wall has nothing but creative Chai, lattes, and other amazing hot drinks. 

The menu has everything from traditional breakfast omelettes to crepes and rum french toast. 

Lynette had a pumpkin spice Latte. Heather and Mom had a butterbeer and I had some hot tea. 

Even the traditional breakfast was delicious! 

But the crepes. OMG!  This one is ham, eggs, havarti and a béchamel sauce. 

Nutella crepe with strawberries, bananas and pecans. Seriously? Yes! 

And rum french toast with a blueberry compote. 

We were all smiling ear to ear when our breakfast arrived. Can't wait to dive in! 

Our waitress was awesome. She was very attentive and on top of all of our needs while we created another food coma. She even left us with this adorable sketch on our check. 

And as we turned to leave, I snapped a pic. She was still on it and flashed us a quick peace sign. 
We will definitely eat here again. The food was amazing!! 

And this concludes our visit and our food tour of Tahoe. If we had more time, we would have spent a little more time traveling around the lake and taking in the views a bit more, but we had a great time visiting with one another and catching up. We were all sad that Chanelle wasn't able to make it this time because of school, but look forward to having her join us next time.