Garden Boxes

Garden Boxes
The side of my house just sits here in full sun all day long. Hmmmm, what to do?
Garden! I didn't want to plant a garden in the ground, the dirt is horrible. So I decided to build some garden boxes. 

My inspiration photo I found on Pinterest. It's taller and smaller than I want, but this is the look I'm going for. We will see how it goes. But I'm a girl on a mission, so I'm off to Home Depot to buy some supplies!

And here we go! The wood is for the box and the other various items are for unfinished projects around the yard. Might as well get it all at once. 

Building each level. Will assemble them in place. 

deciding between 3 levels of 4.... 

Decided to go with 3. This was a little too tall. 

Fitting them for placement and will then level them out. The dirt slopes away from the house so these are leaning quite a bit. 

This is the side of the house. Obviously not finished with landscaping. It gets full sun and will be perfect for garden boxes that are tucked away, out of sight. 

The weather took a turn and I had to put the completion of this project off until Spring. The already look weathered even though I'm finally getting them done. I leveled them out using pavers, filled the bottom with gravel, had some black gold (organic dirt) delivered, got them filled up and started planting right away. Filled the left one with a black fig tree and some melon and squash plants. The one on the right has a bacon avocado tree, strawberries, onions and watermelon. 

I think they turned out great! Can't wait to see how things grow on this side of the house. 

This area just needs gravel and irrigation in the boxes and it will finally be done.