A little privacy please... Privacy Fence Build

We spent our day on Sunday building a privacy fence. I love the way it turned out! 
I'm sure the neighbors love it too!

I tore down a huge, very ugly, old fence about a year ago. The neighbors and I have been looking into eachothers space ever since. We sit on the patio and constantly see their house and when they are in the kitchen, then can see us. I knew we needed a privacy fence. Chris was nice enough to say he'd build one for me. Yay!

This was my inspiration picture I found in pinterest. 

He sent me a sketch with a few options for me to choose from for how I would like them trimmed out. I chose the one on the right.

Chris leaves no detail out and so he had a complete list of materials ready to go. We made a quick trip to Home Depot, picked up everything we needed and came home to start our project around 12 noon.

We first built a frame and attached the lattice for the middle section. We attached this to the middle two posts, braced them and set them in concrete. After that set for a while, the frames for the outside sections were built and the outer posts were set.

We then attached the outer framing and attached the lattice. The top trip was placed and the post caps were fitted.  This took us most of the afternoon and it was a hot day.

I also forgot to take progress photos... Rare for me, but I was trying to be a good building assistant. 

We got it all done and it looks fantastic. Now to sit down and enjoy the patio with a little more privacy, listen to music and sip on a cider.

Huge Thanks to Chris for allowing me to use his building skills once more. 
Thank you!  ;-)