Watching grass grow is actually kinda fun. Hooray, it's SOD DAY!

It's reward day!! I've been working for weeks on mow strip, leveling the yard, moving sprinklers and today is finally here. Sod day!!

I ordered sod from Utterback Sod Farm in Sacramento. They were super helpful and the price was not nearly as bad as I was anticipating. My lawn is about 1000 square feet. Total with delivery and tax was around $700. 

He unloaded it and I quickly started wetting it down. It's set to be 104 today, so keeping this wet is a must. I have recruited some help today. Chris, my sister Heather and daughter Chanelle are coming to help. 

The sod is here and my help hasn't arrived yet. So I quickly got to work. I want to get this down before it dries out. I can bring 4 rolls back at a time in the wheelbarrow. I lay them out carefully and go back for more. 

Help is here! It's going much faster now. But it's also heating up. 

The sod is all laid down! Took just under 2 hours to do 1000 square feet. Way fast! 
Michael snapped this pic of me doing the final roll on the grass before we start dumping water on it. 
I was given instructions that today would require 3 hours of watering. Tomorrow 2 hours and then 1 hour total for the week or so after that. 

Time to turn on the sprinklers, kick my feet up and enjoy the nice green lawn. Awwwww, it's so nice. 

It turned out great. As you can see if the very bottom of this pic, we've watered the recommended amount and now I've flooded the flower beds. This just created a new project. Flower bed drain... 
Another post about that later. 

The final product. Now we can sit on the patio and enjoy the backyard a little more. 

Watching grass grow is hard work. 

Day 2. It's survived 104 yesterday. Now it's 103 today and 108 tomorrow. Looks like 100+ for the next week at least. This month's water bill is going to be outrageous. 

But hey, the lawn looks fantastic!!