About me

About me?  This is always the hardest part of the blog for me to write. How do I describe myself to others that one, sounds interesting, but also reflects who I am and what it is I'm trying to share.

So, here it goes....

I'm a California native, born and raised in Northern California. I come from a simple household where we played outside, rode bikes, rolled in the dirt, helped in the yard, gardened, rode horses, played baseball, listened to top 40 music, drank from the hose and danced around the patio while my dad played classical, jazz or flamenco on the guitar. Humble beginnings, but those formidable years were some of the happiest times. 

I am one of 6 girls. Which is truly crazy to think about, but there was a lot of us. We weren't all together all the time, 3 were older, then us two in the middle and two younger. SEVEN. You'd think with 7 girls, we'd all be girly girls, but we are all very grounded, independent and were raised with a do-it yourself attitude, so all of us girls don't shy away from things that most girls don't do. If we want something built or fixed, try it yourself. Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you can't do anything anyone else can do, male or female. 

We grew up riding bikes, fishing, sledding, playing baseball, camping and just doing regular, ordinary things. Many of the things I wish kids did more of these days. We didn't have electronics to bury our noses in for hours on end, so we were told to "go outside and find something to do" on many occasion. I'm glad it was that way, I love staying busy and I especially love being outside. 

This blog is a place for me to just share anything and everything about me then, now and things I'd like to do in the future. 

Whether it is a great recipe I made recently, a trip I took or would like to take, time spent with one or both of my kids, a great movie I saw, a fun household gadget or a DIY project. It's a place for me to document it and to be able to share it with friends, family and others without having to send multiple emails or post multiple things on Facebook. Eventually it will all just be "on the blog". 

Life is crazy sometimes, so I need a one stop shop sort of platform. Squirrel pages is that place.... 

Thanks for visiting!